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1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Fourth Floor;  Suite 400
Washington, D.C.  20004
Main Line: (202) 618-6262
 Fax Line:  (888) 281-7201

Welcome to the Moheyer Law Group

I'm pleased to introduce you to "the modern law office". 

We are 100% flat fee office (no billing surprises here!),  with a 24/7  high-tech online client workspace,  and a convenient "evenings and weekends" mobile office that can "come to you",  so you never have to trek to the attorney's office during your workday.


Our revolutionary Client Service System gives you case updates round-the-clock so that you don't have to wonder "what's going on with my case...",  and our trademark Transformative Divorce (tm) approach helps you and your family to "thrive, not just survive, after divorce".


You will be treated like family here.    Most clients come by personal referral from existing clients, and we are proud of the lifetime relationships that we have created with pre- and post-divorce families in our metro area.  Between our ground-breaking free advice workshops and our affordable legal packages that reduce your stress and give you more control over your case (beginning at just $47.00/month),   and our creative legal solutions that benefit your family well-beyond this lifetime, we are known for over-delivering and over-performing when it comes to serving your family. 


If you've ever wanted to have a "lawyer in the family", you'll be pleased to know that we are Your Family Lawyers For Life. 


We look forward to guiding and supporting you soon!

Thanks for reaching-out! We'll contact you for a Conflict of Interest check shortly ... stand by.

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